Clinical Results


Reported by MD
Patient with major depression and generalised anxiety. Treated with Sceletium with rapid improvement in mood and decreased anxiety.

Reported by Psychiatrist
Patient with major depression. Treated with Sceletium. Rapid improvement in mood and energy.

Reported by Psychologist
Patient with a personality disorder and dysthymia. Treated with Sceletium. Mood lifted, and was able to feel more focused, engaged and not so socially distant.


  • Approximately 40 to 50 people. Word-of-mouth requests from friends of friends.
  • Given free samples of 30 X 25mg capsules or tablets. Approximately 400 units of product.
  • No reports solicited. Use ranges from intermittent use to tide overwork stress or emotional crisis, to long-term daily use. Longest continuous duration of use ~4 years by an individual. No withdrawal reported.
  • Adjectives used to describe the effects: Anti-Stress, Anti-Anxiety, Antidepressant, Calming, Focusing, Optimistic, Serenity, Energy, Motivated, Equanimity, Improves Sleep


Location: University of Western Ontario, Canada

PI: Dr. Simon Chiu, Clinical
Investigator: Dr. Michael Woodbury
Methodology: Double-blind, zebrine controlled crossover study of 20 volunteers with 25 mg daily
3 weeks active / placebo
3 weeks washout, then crossover
3 weeks placebo / active

Parameters Evaluated

  • Cognitive Function: VitalSign battery of tests
  • Mood: Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAM-D)
  • Clinical Parameters: blood pressure, pulse, & side effects monitored through Treatment Emergent Adverse Events Scale

Sceletium Tortuosum Selectively and Significantly Improved key Cognitive Domains

Mean Age: 54.6 +/- 6.0
Healthy Population: No DSM IV-R cognitive or mood disorders